10 products. What’s good to sell online? Low investment, big profit in 2021

#1 fashion apparel first hand or second hand

I believe that young female traders should be good at this type of product. and the clothing market is vast. Even with multiple sellers But the world of fashion never stops, there are always new trends to keep up to date. and everyone has to wear clothes Especially women who have a rotation to change the dress on a regular basis. It will

help speed up your sales rate even more. Ordering clothes to sell from the factory It will give you clothes at a low cost. Eat a lot of profit margin

#2 Wallet

Wallet is another low-cost product. (In the case of general fashion bags), but there is a caveat that wallets have a lower turnover rate than clothing items. It is easy to notice that in a year we change a few wallets. Or some leaves are used for many years. So if you want to speed up sales It is recommended to target the market that are teenagers,

women and students who are looking for beautiful, unique, not boring, high quality and affordable bags. Can be bought repeatedly

#3 fashion glasses

Fashion eyewear is another type of product that is low cost. You don’t have to have many sizes, just make many colors and designs for customers to choose from. They can be sold directly to customers in B2C, or they can be sold in large batches in B2B to various photo studios as photo props. Emphasize that in the case of fashion glasses, it is for beauty. do not use sunscreen or care for the eyes in any way If you want to

upgrade products with quality that can protect the sun or filter the light It may have to have additional costs.

#4 Snacks or snacks.

Selling snacks and snacks to the best. I recommend that you can find anything at “Difficult to buy” and “In demand in the market at the moment” if you sell snacks that can be found at convenience stores. It may be enough to sell, but if you want to make a profit in bulk, you must be more tired than pushing a mortar up a mountain for sure.

But if you sell OTOP snacks, provincial goodies, souvenirs, or anything that you can’t buy in the general market. This is an opportunity to sell online. In addition, if sold on platforms that show beautiful and tempting photos, such as Facebook, Instagram, it becomes a channel for people to scroll through the News Feed when they are hungry

and want to eat and click to order easily without much consideration. At the same time, dry snacks or snacks have the advantage that they can be stored for days or months. This saves the cost of discharging the product as well as being able to prevent damage resulting from the unscheduled distribution of the product.

#5 Chili

paste has become a popular product that online merchants are often used to selling. Because it is an important menu that has been with Thai people for a long time. It can also be stored for a long time without the need for preservatives. In addition to chili paste, it is a product that can be marketed as buying and selling. On the other hand, if

any seller is proficient in cooking and can modify or create a recipe for yourself. It will be good to build a brand that will make the taste addicting. Customers will like it. Repeated ordering. And of course, most customers don’t order one jar at a time. but

will order in large quantities to be sold for resale or kept for eating at home This helps operators to control production costs effectively. It’s also quite profitable.

#6 Socks

Did you know that socks are one of the hardest to find items in the home? And these factors can easily lead to the opportunity to sell this type of product to be profitable online. And most importantly, the cost of socks can be considered very cheap. We may have seen socks sold along the street for 4 pairs of 100, some for over 10 baht per

pair. Imagine that even entrepreneurs who have the cost of renting the space still dare to sell socks at this price. So how much will the actual cost of this type of product be? If we sell it online without worrying about these costs. Socks should definitely produce satisfactory results for us.

#7 Selling Content and Services

This item will be more special than all the previous items. It is the lowest cost of money. But it may be heavy to the cost of time and a little labor. Content and service sales can be done online, such as drawing, hiring for page maintenance, VDO cutting, article writing. no product required no storefront required As long as you have a sample

of your work have a portfolio online To put it simply, open a page, open a blog or open a YouTube channel and be diligent in creating content that will be used as an example in customer presentations.


#8 Selling courses

In an era where everyone is relying on the mind Knowledge is therefore one of the top priorities that people tend to pay for a profile. or a pass to do something Therefore, it has brought about various forms of online teaching courses such as marketing courses. self-development learning course

Another subject that is in trend is Family relationship building course with various workshop formats such as handicraft courses communication course Or various recreational activities are all knowledge that can be developed into products as well. If anyone is interested in building on their preferences or from their own knowledge to

create products in this form You can take courses to become an accredited instructor from various institutions. It may bring a good product.


#9 Cosmetics

There is a saying that if human beings still love beauty and beauty, cosmetics are essential items that will not go out of fashion for sure. However, an important problem that prevents many of you from getting hit when it comes to picking up makeup is Consumers of this type of product are very large and their needs vary according to their purchasing power. Therefore, choosing a brand of cosmetics to market. therefore have

to invest in advertising and public relations including seeing the clarity of the consumer group Otherwise, selling cosmetics without a good education is like throwing a coin into the sky. There is an opportunity to go out on either side. As a result, entrepreneurs who sell this type of product have both success and failure at the same time. If you

don’t want to lose an important opportunity Therefore, entrepreneurs should study the behavior of the consumer group as well.


 #10 Innovative products,

new things are what most people are always interested in. Selling innovative products is another important option that can help you earn big returns. without having to invest anything Just may have to contact and coordinate and find the right distribution channel. to support the accessibility of the customer group Innovative products that are popular in the market There are many types, such as tools and utensils made from

natural materials such as straw products. Cups made from betel nut leaves or food products made from banana leaves, etc. Most of these types of products are raising the flag on environmental protection. which supports consumer groups Clearly, machines that are modified from simple materials such as DIY lawn mowers, compact coffee

roasters. or will it be a waste disposal machine They are all interesting products. Suitable for customers who are looking for replacement equipment. at a lower price than the original It also has more functions to use as well. And here’s all the tips for selling online, which may actually still be interesting. and meet many of your needs But

in the end, no one can answer that question. “What to sell” is better than your own, but don’t forget the 3 things that are left in the beginning are to look for what you are good at, catch trends and keep your customer base at hand. and have goals in doing business I believe these three are enough to be a good starting point. However, try it

first. Then you will know if it works or not. And the problems you face will help you learn and grow even more.