4 technology trends 2021 and post-COVID-19 to watch out for

In the wake of the new COVID outbreak, we analyze business. and consumer demand during COVID-19 which is an interesting analysis And it’s exactly what happened today. because it can be seen that consumers like us Began to have a shopping behavior or

the use of technology that changes rapidly without realizing it This change in consumer behavior affects Technology trends 2021 and post-COVID-19

period . Today, I would like to talk more from that article about technology trends 2021 and what happened after COVID-19, which is something that we need to adjust further. Whether in the consumer or business corner.

1. Cloud services are growing rapidly.

In the past year, Cloud Computing has grown exponentially because many Want to be adapted to be online, which Cloud is considered a technology that meets the needs of many threads, whether it’s an organization or an individual, as we use Google Drive or other cloud brands. to store images or data on the phone And computers

the Cloud system with the highest growth is Cloud in the form of IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, which is a service that allows us to access the server management system, network and various management systems, including providing the organization. to manage the Hardware without having a Server to be located at the

company Which the organization itself can adjust, add and reduce services or various Resrouces according to the requirements or scope of the company’s work

Many people wonder what Cloud is good to use. ), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Another form of Cloud that has grown as well as IaaS is SaaS or Software as a Service, which is a system for end users to use easily. Some of which we are familiar with are Gmail, SaleForce and Google Doc. The payment of these services is a Subcription Base and pays for the amount of use, for example, if you need more space. Must pay more monthly or annually.

2. The growth of technology services. Which is affected by Social Distancing

Trend Social distancing trend makes the use of technology necessary at any age to access various services online, making technology that helps consumers. without leaving home It has become increasingly popular, such as the Online Banking service of various banks.

Non-service businesses like Domini’s Pizza still need to add services. To allow customers to access products more conveniently by making an Application for customers to order pizza through a simple app Make online orders increase to 65% of all orders. It also helps to make existing customers more Lotaly or loyal to the brand.

In addition, various retail businesses must expand to capture online channels and eCommerce and transport services for a better customer shopping experience It shows that businesses cannot think of themselves selling products. It is not necessary to focus on service. because in this era Service and product must go together. This trend is expected to continue to grow due to the current situation that is not likely

to allow the world to open the country. 3. The growth of the use of technology in the traditional body.

A traditional organization is an organization that does not focus on technology. And doing business offline all the time, when this happens causing the company to accelerate adaptation and began to use various technologies in the work that cannot be denied

The tools that every company must use are inevitable tools that help companies reach out to their customers. and communicate with consumers through online channels whether the use of the website Collecting customer data on online channels, using the cloud, using the CRM system, starting to do email marketing to using tools in advertising and online marketing

Not just a tool used to reach customers. But it is also a tool for management within the organization because they still have to work from home. Including the set documents can be accessed through online. Whether it is an accounting system, issuing documents, stock management systems Including the talk system within the company, whether it is Trello, Zoom or Microsoft 365.

4. Automation system plays an important role.

whether it is a factory, production, storage to the shooting of online advertising All have to rely on Automation systems or automation systems. to reduce the use of people and analysis Evaluate various information more precise reduce mistakes optimize

especially the manufacturing business during the outbreak Foreign workers are not able to travel easily between countries. like normal As a result, many businesses that used to rely on human labor have to start investing more in technology.

If you look at other countries It can be seen that both China And Japan has invested in automation systems quite high, especially China, which wants to reduce production costs. Because of the policy against Chinese products from the United States. As a result, China has to increase production efficiency, increase quality and reduce costs in order to compete with other companies. which, like Japan, sees the importance of this trend has accelerated the production of various equipment Related to this trend, such as sensor systems or 3D printing equipment to support the global market demand for automation.


As you can see, this 2021 tech trend isn’t just for tech-related companies. or only for the new generation But it affects everyone. whether it is the old must start using technology including companies be any business was affected and was forced to start to more or less capture technology Even lotteries have begun to open up a platform to sell them online.