5 steps to sell online Anyone can do it.

1. Know how to plan, calculate costs.

First of all, the capital you have is. You have to make sure that it is enough for all expenses or not. Because it’s not just the capital to buy things. but also includes the cost of making a website Buy ads through Facebook, IG or Google, as well as pay for various reviews. If you see that your product needs to build credibility. because of the

online sales You can’t avoid marketing at all. which you have to do in parallel with the sale in order to have more sales Customers know us better and most importantly, make

customers repeat purchases or referrals. therefore investment should be left to spare And plan well.

2. Sell what you think is good.

Of course, the selection of products to sell. Most of them would have chosen based on personal preferences anyway. because if you like something usually do well And use the knowledge that is in the product to answer customer questions But some of you may choose products that are in trend. or products out of sight but have an idea to sell By

bringing the product to create more value than before and then selling it. or being a dealer The easier it is and the more convenient it is. One thing that is required is confidence. You have to be determined that what we sell, it sells, by trying to research it, find ways to sell it, and find a reliable source of purchase, such as ordering from the

big sites TAOBAO, TMALL, 1688, Gmarket, Alibaba, or going to Pratunam, Sampeng, Bobae, and the contribution to sales is good service and marketing.

3. Various channels. must be used as

Today’s online sales You can see that there are many different channels. let you sell more which each channel They all have different uses. Provide different benefits, for example, creating a Facebook page can be done for both selling, talking and creating content. To make our shop more known, creating a website. is to build credibility

Including we can manage, decorate, change the content at any time. which if you are just starting to sell May not have to make a website that serious. But you can use ready-made websites like www.lnwshop.com, www.sogoodweb.com, www.makewebeasy.com. which are both free and paid, use Instagram that focuses on

product photography, use [email protected] that focuses on public relations, tell promotions or channels on Marketplace such as Lazada, Shopee that are becoming popular. It is considered a good channel for selling online as well.

4. Marketing is an important helper.

In addition to various sales channels Marketing is also diverse, for example a website where you need to generate traffic to the web by doing SEO for free. but quite time consuming with the purchase of advertising from Google that is quite expensive But the return is fast. As for Facebook, marketing it. There are more and more players. It’s not

just a post to get customers involved in commenting or asking, but videos, messaging. Clicking a link to the website immediately It is considered a marketing that is quite effective. You just need to analyze customer groups. Because buying Facebook ads is quite detailed and in-depth. Such as content in the form of video, text or images should

not focus on selling only. but should provide benefits, knowledge and facts to customers as well.


  1. Service system with heart

    For the last technique that matters And is considered the heart of online sales is service, which if you have all four of the above. But lack of good service, don’t care, don’t care about customers Not taking responsibility or trying to help when there is a problem. You will lose customers immediately. And there is a negative effect in the long

run is that the customer leads to the review. Leave a comment and spread the word until your store has no sales at all. therefore If you choose to sell online The one thing you need to build first is credibility by giving customers confidence that Shop at your store and it will be good, quality, worth the price. and always get good service The

service includes payment, delivery, after-sales care. answering a question or problem in which every part has to be done with the heart and must do the best