5 steps to start an online business

1. Make a website

even with new platforms. There’s a lot going on in the digital world. But believe it or not What is still considered the mothership over all platforms on the Internet is still a “website”, and it is unfortunate that SMEs entrepreneurs tend to overlook this mothership even though the website is the perfect storefront. and the most stable

Maybe with a higher cost to do it. Management that requires more expertise Or various reasons that make many people think that the website is not as necessary as other channels. however If you already have an offline business and would like to start doing business in the online world effectively You have to focus on making your website

number 1, which is to say. Nowadays, there are many options to make a website. and took only a short time to study Entrepreneurs can also do it themselves.

The importance of having a website goes beyond just acting as a storefront and showing a credible presence online. If you do SEO until your website can rank in the search engines, your chances are that your customers will reach your business. climb Of course, it’s a competitive advantage that you shouldn’t neglect at all.

2. Communicate your brand through a platform that’s suitable for your business

Who is the target customer? And where are they concentrated? The same is true in the world of social media. Despite having many popular platforms known to people all over the world. But that doesn’t mean Your business must infiltrate every those platforms But you have to analyze it out that Which platform will reach your target customers the

most and effectively? This is to create brand awareness which will lead to sales which is the ultimate desire of every person. that business

However, at this moment, the most popular platform is definitely Facebook, followed by LINE, Google+, Instagram and Twitter. Now let’s see which social media platform is best for your business.

• Facebook is a channel. The hottest way to communicate The age of Thai people who use Facebook the most is between 20-29 years old, with the number reaching 14 million.

• Google+ (Google Plus), a social network with more than 90 million users worldwide. And tends to increase in the future. It has features quite similar to Facebook and is considered a platform that is so strong that many people speculate that it will overturn Facebook completely.

• LINE, an application for communication. that Thai people use a lot (Ranked 14th in the world), with Baby Boomers being the most popular of using LINE.

• Instagram focuses on communication with images and short videos. Most users are between 18-29 years old and are more female than men (3rd gender is more used to the platform than women and men).

• Twitter 25-34 age group is most popular with the platform. It is used to communicate between one person and many people. Currently, many businesses use this platform to deliver good experiences to their customers.

• YouTube, a group of Thai people who enjoy watching various content via YouTube will age. Between 18-34 years, which YouTube is considered the number 1 media in terms of video clips In Thailand alone, there are a total of 1.3 million users who create content, with more than 100,000 YouTube Creators channels, and of these, 6 channels

are at the Gold level (more than 1 million subscribers). and Silver level 300 channels (more than 100,000 subscribers)

3. Learn how to do Content Marketing

After creating a website and considering how to bring the brand to play on the platform in some what you will make every Channels in the online world are communicated with potential is a matter of content because in every channel you choose. Impossible to place an advertisement for a sale. and will generate sales immediately. But you need to

use them for marketing. to create awareness create learning Create a positive attitude towards products and brands. Make it possible for as many people to see and know your products and brands as possible. This will eventually lead to sales.

However, the content that you will be presenting It can be created in a variety of formats, such as video clips, infographics, or articles. Content Marketing must be knowledgeable. Or it’s bringing your product or service expertise to educate potential customers. In fact, Content Marketing’s deep goal is to lead customers to purchases. It just focuses on creating a good image in the eyes of consumers first. And then the

consumer will choose the product or service itself. where entrepreneurs do not need to motivate much.

4. Build credibility from offline to online.

Selling products or services online alone. It may not always be the answer for customers. because customers will feel the risk especially in the case of high-value products This is good if operators can verify their offline presence to give customers

confidence before making a purchase. Therefore, having a definite storefront or establishment can help build credibility. As a

matter of fact, identity verification in addition to allowing customers to see the storefront or the establishment. It may be the use of relevant documents as an important aid in credit weighting, such as commercial/corporate registration documents. Including the account holder number, if it is the name of the legal entity or

the name of the establishment. Will get more credibility than the name of the general public.


  1. Determine 4p’s strategy both online and offline.

    Marketing for the sale of that product It is best to do a hybrid of both offline and online. Because it will open up the old and new sales channels. This increases sales and has the opportunity to reach more new customers. Marketing mix strategies or 4P’s are:• Product – a strategy for differentiation or advantage in a product or service. Compared with competitors

    • Price – planning and pricing

    strategy • Place – marketing channel planning

    strategy • Promotion – marketing promotion strategy to be appropriate and have an advantage over competitors.

    Doing business offline and online It gives a sense of the dimensions of goods and services from different angles. Therefore, entrepreneurs must look at what strategies they need to use in offline marketing. and what strategies must be implemented in the

online market but believe If you see a great opportunity in comprehensive marketing The opportunity to emerge in both offline and online world is not difficult at all.