Competitiveness of transportation business, related to e-Commerce,

transportation business” is one of the heart of any business whether it is digital or not. I’ve been doing ecommerce for 20 years, 14-15 years ago there were few options, but 5 years ago, more and more service providers started coming in. which e-commerce This is the accelerator.

In the era where only Thai post offices used to analyze that E-commerce will accelerate logistics growth. but may still not be able to see clearly while the problem seen is Sometimes Thai people don’t like paying for products via credit card. If you want to

have cash on delivery or COD, Thailand Post also has this service. But the maximum amount is limited to only 3,000 baht and is still very difficult.

This is where Lazada, which has just entered the market, joins hands with Kerry Logistics when a big e-commerce giant with huge money comes to Thai people to use e-commerce. Therefore, there is a free delivery service or a very cheap shipping fee, and Kerry is still the first. which allows to collect money

on delivery for ten thousand baht, can be collected, becoming a game changer. I analyze that Kerry Logistics has grown until today because of the cooperation with Lazada. I

noticed that 2 years ago, the strength of the post office Thailand is about branches and delivery staff who have good relations with each other. Local people are deleted and there are competitors because Kerry soon spread across the country and there are employees who can do the same.

I tried to have the team of Shippop Company come to the conclusion that there are 54 express courier companies in Thailand and will start to meet more new faces, especially from China. For example, I started to meet some SF Express, Shentong Express, Best Express, CTT EXPRESS, J&T Express, etc.

Nowadays, the competition in the transportation business is very scary. began to use more celebrities as presenters post-service group Especially from China, coming in with huge money, subsidize or reduce the price and spend a lot of marketing budget. rapid network expansion Distort prices to attract market shares. causing people to turn to him as quickly as possible

And the Marketplace has already started to open its own transportation service, such as Lazada, with Lazada Express or JD of the Central Group.

The so-called transportation is a very competitive market. Some even say that they can beat the price to the extreme in order to get the market share for people to turn to the service to be the only one. In addition, if there is a problem with the transportation

system, slow delivery, slow to pick up items, etc., people will immediately use other owners.

I looked at the information in terms of competition, numbers from the investment man website comparing it to see that the income of the Thai post office in the past 3 years is considered to be growing but growing slowly. Because the competition is very high, but

Kerry Express’s profits and revenues are growing steadily. I can say that this year is going to be an even heavier year as more competitors pop up.

If you’re running a business, this is a good opportunity to adjust. If you are using transport, which one is first? Now there are other options, new formats that cost less. Good managers need to consider alternatives that are more cost-effective and effective. At the same time, look at the other side of the industry that we are doing, will there be

anyone who will smash it or not? Like a Thai post that has been doing business for a long time, it has been disrupted. investment changes A giant jumping into the competition changes everything.

I still support Thai companies and Thailand Post is a company that is trying to adjust itself. The Thai post may have been a large state enterprise before it would have to be somewhat clunky. But things are noticeably better. Try to come out with a punch to

fight your opponent. But the speed of the competitors is really fast and they come in a lot.

One thing I would recommend if you are running a business and you find new and fast competitors. We ourselves are so big and clunky that we can’t make them small. One way is to build a team with speed. Agile without being under management in the

organization. Stay at the edge. Management is faster. These small companies or small start-ups

are like. “Fighting Brand” to compete with competitors As well, if your business is very big, try to create a small new business and take the new generation into management. to be independent in management We will also have new businesses to compete with fast competitors.