Weaknesses of Baccarat Part 2

For this reason, taking 4–5 turns on either side or more The next eye does not mean that I’m out on the other side It’s a chance for both sides. When you find something like this, hurry up and stop. that was wasted and so be it or if you want to continue playing, you can play, but should continue to play in the

limitation of the value that we lose that day only and there is a recommended requirement To gamble because rollover is like playing a long game, and as always said, playing online casinos is not a long game. Because long-term games always have the effect of Banker over the Player. The more we play the

long game, the more we get into the gap, the more our chances of winning decrease when the time is reached. How much will be enough?

Should be able to close the game immediately

Type 2 Ping-Pong layout

This second order is called Ping-Pong means taking turns taking turns. (This is what caused my name. Exactly as ping-pong balls that switch sides) where both sides alternate winning One side on each side and so on.


So we followed it, switch sides, keep alternating bets until the game changes to a different way. Which this betting method is suitable for making money like Martingale, but don’t just go down like

Type 3, two cuts

Also Banker and Player alternate two by name as P>P>B>B>P>P>B> B is not more than two alternating landings. When the following cards are issued, we arrange them. I bet according to this plan. When repeating the first two pairs, the next eye, we should go down according to the two formulas. Cut it out.

You need to hurry first. The playing field plans will change to a different one. For the way of making money, we can add a money walking formula like Super martingale

Type 4, Three card layouts attached.

This is similar to two cuts. but came out of 2. The cut-off letter represents three adjacent cards, meaning the cards are drawn. P>P>P>B>B>B>P>P>P That’s where the chances of getting out might not be that much. I rarely have a chance to see it.

Type 5, the dealer’s card

It’s the type that comes out very often. As we will notice that the first cards are issued very often on the banker’s side, more than 50%. Therefore, even if we place bets on the banker’s side, it will not be full, but it is quite worth the risk. Because of the draw, sometimes we will see the dragon and the dealer card several times. Therefore, if a long card starts to be issued at any time, try it according to the banker’s side. A few eyes quickly stopped. And after a while, come back to play again.

By the other 5, this is not a disadvantage at all of baccarat. There are actually quite a few weaknesses for us to see, but they may come out as infrequently as I wrote above, so playing baccarat players should look at the cards. Let out to know that the next turn and the trend of the game will be in which way

Then apply the tips, tricks, and money that we have studied in order to manage the vulnerabilities of the card issuing system to the best quality.