What are the top 10 things to sell online?

Try doing research in the famous orange online sales app. In order to answer the word online sales, what to sell, and find that there are products that sell well according to the statistics that sell well in the app as follows [Update what online sales are good 2020]

Hair rubber bands, ready to ship, everyday items. of women and can’t deny that it’s a best seller in addition to disappearing often Still missing often When the data of the National Statistics Office also found that the number of women in the country has reached 32.6 million people (statistics for the year 2562) ever

film mirrors the iPhone original / Full screen – film mirror that is becoming popular in the property. prevent screen cracking Which the author found is assuming we dropped the phone. will only break at the film When changing the film, it looks new as usual. So

it’s no surprise that glass film sells well. The author has often dropped his mobile phone.

Parcel/Postal Envelopes – The more popular online sales are on the rise. Parcel/Postal Envelopes The items used for delivery are also in higher demand.

Boxer shorts/men’s underwear Important items for men.

Pet Food. The trend of raising pets in the new generation is becoming popular. This is evident from the presence of the term “cat slave” which refers to a group of cat lovers and “younger” which means a cute pet. It is undeniable that there are more pet lovers.

multipurpose hanger broom holder wall hook keychain hanger Household items that help make the house more neat and livable. Including cloth hangers are interesting to sell online.

Wallpaper, home decor, home decor Another item that can be added to the beauty easily with the use of self-adhesive wallpaper. There are many designs to choose from online such as brick patterns, cartoon patterns, marble patterns, wood patterns, or even smooth surfaces.

women’s t-shirts Men’s shorts clothing, undeniable products that are popular in online sales. And there are new players coming in all the time. And because it is a product that is easy to order, it has a pattern. And came out to choose from a variety of

styles such as round neck, solid color, couple clothes. Korean clothes V-neck knitted short sleeve shirt elastic waist shorts

shoulder bag women’s sandals Another fashion item that many people sell online and have created a variety of brands. Including those who sell without brands, focusing on usable and worthwhile. There are many as well.

This data is only preliminary from a rough survey. And be aware that selling items with more sellers will give buyers more choices and may cause us to sell less. And when we try to explore the market to see what products have a big market. Suitable for online sales Let’s see what are the best ways to sell online.